Sword Exercise of the Cavalry


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Fundraising for the 1796 Rules & Regulations for the Sword Exercise of the Cavalry

We are fundraising towards the purchase of an original copy of the Rules and Regulations for the Sword Exercise of the Cavalry, written by John Gaspard le Marchant and published in 1796.

This is one of the most important fighting treatises in British military history. It was the first occurrence of the system of numbered cuts in the British Isles, and it was the first formal sword exercise introduced to the army. Angelo and Roworth drew upon le Marchant’s work as they developed their publications.

This fundraising campaign is organised on behalf of Triquetra Services (Scotland), which is a charitable organisation registered in Scotland, with registration number SC042086. The Triquetra Collection is a collection of antique books and arms and armour, and this book will be an important element of the Collection.

We already have an original 1798 publication by Roworth and a partial set of the 1799 posters by Angelo, along with a 1796 pattern light cavalry sabre and a 1796 pattern infantry officer’s sword. The treatise by le Marchant will help to tie together these items into a very strong sub-collection of artefacts dating from the eve and the dawning of the Napoleonic wars, and will enhance the value of the Collection for historians, enthusiasts, and practitioners of HEMA.

Everyone who donates will be recognised and thanked on the “supporters” page of the Triquetra website. We will appreciate any and all donations, and we send a special sort of “thank you” present to anyone who offers a larger donation.

If we manage to achieve the £300 target to purchase this treatise, then any further donations will go towards improving and updating the Triquetra website to make more information available about each item in the Collection.

We have decided to run the fundraising campaign through our own website rather than using Indiegogo or Kickstarter, because to be perfectly honest, these crowdfunding platforms take a hefty cut of the funds raised and are pretty inflexible. By running the campaign on our own website, we can modify the campaign over time to respond to what is actually happening, we know that more money from each donation will actually reach the project, and we can bring things to a close at the appropriate time rather than some arbitrary cut-off date.

Fallen Rook Publishing Ltd and the Academy of Historical Arts Ltd are collaborating on this fundraising initiative, to achieve the most efficient result. Donations will be collected on the Fallen Rook Publishing website, although the Academy of Historical Arts will collect the payments. At the end of the donations period, all money left after PayPal fees, purchase costs and suchlike will be transferred to Triquetra Services (Scotland) for charitable use.

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