Jamie Acutt

Jamie Acutt

Jamie Acutt has been involved in the martial arts for 20 years. Study began in Asian martial arts, reaching 1st and 2nd Dan respectively in 2 systems, before cross-training in many others. This eclectic interest lead to a desire to understand the root of all martial arts, and establishing the concept of Eskirmology (‘Fight-logic’) in 2004. This concept was adopted by Grandmaster Keith Kernspecht Dr.Sc (‘the Father of Wing Tsun in Europe’), who published his own books using this term (Kampflogik). 

Jamie’s passion for Western martial arts began in 2001, when he learned of the existence of historical fencing. From 2006, he began to write under the nom-de-plume of ‘Wallhausen’. A string of publications were published under this name between 2007-2010. To date, Jamie’s independent research has resulted in 6 published books, and 27 research papers, including appearance in academic peer-reviewed journals such as the International Journal of Sports Sciences (2016), and IQ, the Journal of the Institute of Martial Arts and Sciences (2015-2016). His work ranges from diverse topics as Cybernetics, ontology, paleography, historiography, and stemmatology, including numerous contributions to Wiktenauer, and collaboration with many other researchers (particularly on the topic of cross-comparison).

Jamie has also been credited as the discoverer of 2 previously unknown manuscripts (MS G.B.f.18.a (Magister Beringois fechtlehre) & Cod.Guelf. 38.21 Aug.2º (Sollinger Messerfechten)), as well as some of the first English translations of numerous manuscripts (including Kolner fechtbuch (2010), Folz, Q.566 (2011), Von Eyb’s Kriegbuch (2012), and Karl Wassmannsdorf’s 16th Century Ringbuch (2016)). He has also created the first computer-assisted models of manuscript stemma within HEMA, and derived 5 Critical Editions. All above-mentioned works are available at: https://independent.academia.edu/JamieAcutt/

Since 2010, he has been involved in 3 groups, being a founder-member of the Devonshire Wrestling Society, Director of The Eskirmological Society and Kunst des Fechten.

He currently works as the Head of Marketing & (UX) Design for a data subsidiary of a FTSE 250 financial services company, and lives on the South Devon coastline with his wife and daughters.

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