Jobs, Vacancies, and Internships

We do not currently have any jobs, vacancies, or internships available at Fallen Rook Publishing. However, we won’t rule anything out; even though we don’t have any job vacancies as such, we are not averse to you proposing a job that you could undertake and make profitable and successful.

We are a very small and niche publishing house. Our editing staff is a tiny number, which does lead to a certain bottleneck in terms of how long it takes to bring things to print, and our admin staff are pretty much the same people, although we do have a variety of authors submitting manuscripts for publication. In the grand scheme of things, ours is not a particularly profitable niche, since our community worldwide currently numbers fewer than 100,000 practitioners, and the number of people willing and able to buy a book written in any one language is significantly less than that. Within that framework, there is not much scope for adding jobs and taking on any additional members of staff and paying a wage, unless a new member of staff can make their employment profitable by raising more income than they take in wages.

Therefore, we would like you to turn your enquiry on its head. Rather than asking us if we have any jobs or work that we can give to you (the short answer would be “no”), we would rather ask you what you think you could do for the company that would raise the income necessary to pay for your wages and to cover the legal and running costs that come with taking on an additional employee? We are quite open to suggestions ranging from part-time to full-time in nature.

At the end of the day, we cannot take on staff if the total cost will be greater than the additional income raised, but we would be foolish not to take the opportunity if an additional member of staff would be capable of raising more income than the total costs of their job.

So: what ideas can you propose to us? What kind of work could you do within the parameters of our business and market that would be able to raise more income than it costs in wages and expenses? If you have a proposal that you think would be profitable for you and for our company, then please contact us with an outline of your idea and why you think it would be profitable for both parties (or at the very least able to pay for itself).