Why publish through Fallen Rook Publishing?

When it comes to publishing your work, you have broadly four options:

  1. release it online, free of charge
  2. self-publish it through one of the many self-publishing services
  3. publish it through another publishing house
  4. publish it through Fallen Rook Publishing

The first of these options is of course the simplest, quickest, and easiest. It will get your work into the hands of your audience without the hassle of trying to publish it as a book.

The second option, self-publishing, is popular. It means that the project moves at your pace, and you will probably see a larger portion of income from each sale. However, many self-published books really would benefit from some serious editing, and sales are totally reliant on whatever marketing you manage to do for the book yourself.

The third option, publishing through another publishing house, may genuinely be your best option. There are some excellent publishing companies who publish high quality books. There may be some compelling reasons to use one publishing company or another for your project, and we would always recommend that you choose the publishers who are best suited for your needs.

The fourth option, publishing through Fallen Rook Publishing, is what we need to pitch to you. Why should you do this, rather than self-publish?


We put tremendous time and work into editing the books that we publish, because this is important. Nothing spoils an otherwise excellent work like silly errors that some basic proofreading would have caught.

Of course, you can engage an editor when you self-publish (you are welcome to hire us for our editing services!), and this may be the best course of action for you and for your project. But if you publish through us, we will make sure that editing is an important part of the publication process.


When people self-publish, these books often languish without many sales, because there is no marketing driving people towards them. There may not be any opportunity for people to see physical copies of these books at events. By publishing through a publishing company, you will no longer have the sole responsibility for marketing your book.

At Fallen Rook Publishing, we attend events and bring book stalls to display our work. We have distributors in several different countries across the world, and we have a number of marketing strategies for reaching people.


When you publish through Fallen Rook Publishing, you have the assurance of working with an ethical company that pursues ethical business practices. There are many publishers and publishing services that engage in what we consider shady or unethical business practices and we simply won’t have any of that in our company.

We do business in an upfront and morally sound fashion, we will treat you like the valuable part of the team that you are, and we will make sure that people can actually buy your book without paying an extortionate sum of money for it.

And we are proud of being ethical in all of our business dealings!

Supporting the HEMA community

Our staff are deeply involved in the HEMA community ourselves, and our authors tend to be leading researchers in the HEMA community. We can support the community by giving a platform for HEMA researchers and writers and by publishing valuable resources.

When people buy books from us (as opposed to buying from academic publishers or places like Amazon), the income will go directly towards support the community and supporting individuals within the community.

When you publish through us, you can rest assured that your book will be brought to the HEMA community by HEMA people, and that proceeds from sales will support HEMA people and our activities in the HEMA community.


There is something nice about being able to say that you have been published through a proper publishing house, rather than just self-publishing like other people! It is a slower and more demanding process, but it is still a mark of prestige for many people.

If you have read this and are not convinced, then that is perfectly fine. We believe that it is important that you choose the most appropriate method of publication for your work.

If you would like to talk to us in more detail, then please contact us for an informal chat, or send us a book project proposal if you have more details to share.