Fallen Rook Publishing has been a sponsor of many events in the HEMA community. We are interested in rewarding individuals who put significant time and effort into achieving great results for the community; to this end, we sponsor not only prizes for competition winners, but we also provide books for event organisers and instructors. We believe that is important to recognise those who excel at the practice of historical fencing and those who make it possible for the community to grow and develop.

Sponsorship terms

If you are interested in requesting that we sponsor your event, then please read our sponsorship terms and then contact us by email. We will respond to you as swiftly as we can, but please do be patient.

Events that we have sponsored

We have sponsored a variety of HEMA events around the world, both large and small. We have also provided sponsorship to academic conferences. Please take a look at the list of events we have sponsored to see what sort of work we have done within the community.