Events Sponsored

Fallen Rook Publishing has been a sponsor of many events in the HEMA community. We are interested in rewarding individuals who put significant time and effort into achieving great results for the community; to this end, we sponsor not only prizes for competition winners, but we also provide books for event organisers and instructors. We believe that is important to recognise those who excel at the practice of historical fencing and those who make it possible for the community to grow and develop.

If you are interested in requesting that we sponsor your event, then please read our sponsorship terms and then contact us, preferably by email. We will respond to you as swiftly as we can, but please do be patient.

Year Month Event City Country
2019 June Torneo 100Tolos HEMA A Coruña Spain
2019 April Torneo de Pontevedra Pontevedra Spain
2019 January Torneo Cidade de Narón Narón Spain
2019 January Helsinki Longsword Open Helsinki Finland
2018 October Torneo de Redondela Redondela Spain
2018 September Iron Gate Exhibition 2018 Danvers, MA USA
2018 June Villeneuve Hema Tournament 2018 Villeneuve-Loubet France
2018 April The Big Moscow Tournament 2018 Moscow  Russia
2018 January HEMA Scholar Awards for 2016
2017 October Edgebana 2017 Dundee Scotland
2017 September Iron Gate Exhibition 2017 Danvers, MA USA
2017 May North American Society for Sport History Conference University Park, PA USA
2017 February Ringeck Triathlon Glasgow Scotland
2016 October Iron Gate Exhibition 2016 Danvers, MA USA
2016 July Edgebana 2016 Dundee Scotland
2016 June HEMAC Hemathlon Athens Greece
2016 April The Big Moscow Tournament 2016 Moscow Russia
2016 March Purpleheart Open Houston, TX USA
2015 December GUHAS Christmas Tournament Glasgow Scotland
2015 November Fighting for a Good Cause Oegstgeest Netherlands
2015 October  Iron Gate Exhibition 2015 Danvers, MA USA
2015 September Swordplay 2015 Brisbane Australia
2015 July Edgebana 2015 Dundee Scotland