Scottish Broadsword and British Singlestick


This book is an introduction to the history and use of the Scottish broadsword, and the history of singlestick play in Britain over the centuries.

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About Scottish Broadsword and British Singlestick

This book is an introduction to the history, use and context of the Scottish basket-hilted broadsword. As part of the Academy of Historical Arts Study Guide series, it is intended to serve as a study guide for practitioners of historical fencing who work with this weapon, or who would like to begin learning its style. Instructors will also find it helpful as it provides plenty of contextual information to use for illustrating lessons, and anecdotes to help students engage with the system.

Contained within is all the information required for self-study of two fascinating disciplines, Scottish broadsword and British singlestick, with salient points for study for people who do not have the luxury of regular access to a teacher. For practitioners who do receive regular tuition, this book will not replace input from your teacher, but will instead supplement it and offer a greater awareness and understanding of the context of the art that you study.

Keith Farrell is one of the senior instructors for the Academy of Historical Arts, based in Scotland. He teaches HEMA professionally, often at international events, and has an interest in coaching instructors to become better teachers. He is the co-author of the AHA German Longsword Study Guide and has been a member of HEMAC since 2011.

Book Details

  • Author: Keith Farrell
  • Publisher: Fallen Rook Publishing
  • Date of Publication: 20th October 2014
  • ISBN: 978-0-9926735-1-2
  • Binding: Perfect-Bound Paperback
  • Pages: 354
  • Height: 22.86 cm
  • Width: 15.24 cm
  • Language: English

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgements
  • Foreword: why this book has been written
  • Chapter 1: 17th-19th Century Scotland
    • Scottish Royalty and the Jacobite Uprisings
    • The Scottish People
      • A Warlike Society
      • Wealth and Sustenance
      • Physical Fitness and Athleticism
      • The Scottish Character
    • Duels and Single Combats
    • The Highland Charge
    • Highlanders in the British Army
    • Conclusions about Scottish Swordsmanship
  • Chapter 2: Contextual Information
    • About The Art of Defence on Foot
    • About its Authors
    • About the Weapons
      • The Claymore
      • Other Highland Swords and Weapons
      • Development of the Broadsword
      • The Swords of Roworth and Angelo
    • How “Scottish” is the Method?
  • Chapter 3: History of Singlestick in Britain
    • Singlestick in Scotland
    • Singlestick and Cudgelling in England
    • 1740: Hobbinol
    • 1840: Defensive Exercises
    • 1857: Tom Brown’s School Days
    • Excerpt from Chapter 2: The Veast
      • Analysis of Excerpt
      • The Angelo School of Arms
    • 1882: Hutton’s Rules
    • 1890: Broad-Sword and Single-Stick
    • 1896: Cassell’s Rules
    • 1904: Singlestick in the Olympics
    • 1931: Calpe Rules
    • The Boarding of the Altmark
    • Post-war Singlestick
      • 1940s – Colonel Hay
      • 1960s – Professor Bert Bracewell
      • 1980s – Royal Navy Revival
      • 1990s – Dawn Duellists Society
      • 2010s – Teaching Singlestick to Children
    • Master-at-Arms Badge for Boy Scouts
  • Chapter 4: The Art of Defence on Foot (1804)
    • PART I.
    • PART II.
  • Chapter 5: Salient Points for Study
    • Learning How to Strike
    • Stance, Posture and Footwork
    • The Concepts of Line and Opposition
    • Learning the Slip
    • Using Taylor’s 10 Lessons
      • General Notes About the Lessons
      • Lesson 1
      • Lesson 2
      • Lesson 3
      • Lesson 4
      • Lesson 5
      • Lesson 6
      • Lesson 7
      • Lesson 8
      • Lesson 9
      • Lesson 10
      • Comparing Angelo’s and Taylor’s Lessons
    • Introducing Sparring
    • General Training Advice
    • Words of Wisdom from History
  • Appendix A: Timeline of the House of Angelo
  • Appendix B: Timeline of Publications
  • Appendix C: Suggested Reading List
  • Appendix D: Glossary of Terminology
  • Appendix E: Where to Find Equipment
  • Bibliography

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