Short Privacy Policy
(let’s be reasonable adults)

At Fallen Rook Publishing Ltd, we believe that personal information should remain confidential, should only be collected for appropriate purposes, and should be processed only for these purposes and nothing else. We will behave ourselves with your data, and you should feel safe and confident that we will not abuse it. We are ethical people.

Whenever you give us your personal details for the purpose of communication, attendance, or a financial transaction, then you give us your consent to store and process this data for the appropriate purpose and also to meet our legal obligations.

And, because the law demands it of us, what follows is our in-depth privacy policy to satisfy the GDPR. It uses a lot of words to say what we have just summarised here.

Longer Privacy Policy
(all the small print)

This privacy policy sets out what personal information we collect during the course of business.


DPA: Data Protection Act 1998
GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation (2018)
We: Fallen Rook Publishing Ltd, company registration number SC507173, registered office address: 63 Commerce Street, Glasgow, G5 8AD, United Kingdom.

Collecting, storing, and processing your information

Payment details

We take payments in cash, any any digital payment will be taken through PayPal or another secure third-party processor. If you give us your card details to make a payment over the phone, then we will put the details straight into the secure third-party processor, and will not retain any paper or digital copies of these details.

Payment details would typically include your name and email address, and your card details only if you wish to pay over the telephone; the details we will store for our records as per our legal obligations for our annual accounting records.

The information we collect

For our legal obligations for providing annual accounts to HMRC, we must record the fact that any payments have occurred, along with the value of the payment and the method by which it was made; we do not store any payment details such as card numbers, we simply record that a payment of this value was made by this person in this fashion on this date for this reason.

We collect information about purchases through our shop. We must be able to give or send the purchased items to the individual who made the purchase, and therefore we must collect the necessary details to enable this (name, delivery address, contact information). We may pass on this information to a courier or other delivery service in order to send your order to you.

We collect contact details about anyone who has expressed interest in our shop, our activities, or in any other fashion about our company. If you email us through the website, for example, then we will keep a note of your details, so that we can contact you at a later date with relevant information or updates.

Social media, apps, and third party services

If you contact us or make a transaction through a social media service or any other third party service, then we are only responsible for processing and storing your personal data that is provided to us by that service. You should refer to the privacy policy for that service for information about how they will treat your personal data.

We may collect information through a mobile app, desktop or laptop application, or any other piece of software, for the purpose of being able to respond to your communication or delivering the goods or services you request of us. Any third party software should have its own privacy policy, to which you should refer for further information about using that service.

Using the information we collect

We use the information that we collect to be able to deliver the goods and services that you purchase, to fulfil our end of these transactions. We also use your details to be able to respond to your enquiries and to be able to keep you up to date with news and information about what we are doing.

Storing the information we collect

We collect information securely through the website, although we may use paper forms from time to time. Any information collected on paper will be destroyed as soon as the information is digitised.

Any information we collect will be stored in our secure cloud services (typically Google Drive and/or Dropbox), to which only relevant employees in our company will have access.

Transactions: we will store your data for 7 years, as per our legal obligations, at which point the data will be destroyed.


By attending any of our sessions, you give your consent to be filmed or have your photograph taken. Furthermore, you give your consent for us to use these items of media for any reasonable purpose, including advertising our organisation or promoting our activities or objectives. The photographer will retain the copyright of the media as per UK copyright law and will also have your consent to use any of the media he or she records, for any reasonable purpose.

If you would like to have a photo or video of you removed from any of our online or print media, please inform us in writing, and we will do our best to facilitate your wish.

Accessing and updating your information

At any time, you may contact us to find out what information we hold about you. If your information is incorrect, you have the right to update it and make it correct. At any time, you may invoke your right to be forgotten, in which case we will remove any personal details we hold for you, other than details to do with financial transactions as mandated by law and attendance at sessions as mandated by our insurance provider.

You may access and update your personal details, and have them removed, free of charge; we are not allowed to levy a fee for reasonable request, although we are allowed to levy a fee for requests that are unreasonable, excessive, and/or repetitive.

Sharing your information

Quite simply, we will not share your information with any third party unrelated to the transaction of goods or service that you make with us, unless demanded to do so by a British court of law, or unless you give us your permission to share your personal information with another person or company.

Cookies on our website

Our website uses cookies so that you can utilise the shop part of our website. Our website also collects simple data about visits so that we know how many times a particular page has been visited; it may also collect information about where your IP address is located in the world, so that we have know very vaguely where our visitors are coming from; however, at no time do we access your computer (quite simply, we can’t do that, nor do we have any interest in doing so).

If you would like to avoid having cookies for our website in your browser, please use your browser’s privacy settings to achieve this, but also please be aware that it may make it impossible for you to use parts of our website (such as our shop).

Your consent

By providing your personal information, you consent to our collection, processing, and storage of this information as per this privacy policy.

You also give your consent to any collection, processing, and storage of data for circumstances not covered by this privacy policy if you approach us in a fashion that we cannot expect at the time of writing or with a request or transaction proposal what cannot be predicted at the time of writing – in other words, if you want to talk to us, or if you want us to do a thing for you, then we need to be able to talk to you or to do the thing for you accordingly, with your permission.