Francesco Perciballi

Francesco Perciballi

Francesco Perciballi is an actor and an historical fencing instructor. Mainly oriented to Longsword, he also teaches different weapons from the same time period. He started his career in Historical European Martial Arts through theatre in 2004 by training in stage duels. Immediately after this experience, he began to study what was available at that time about real historical fencing. He had a short experience in kendo, interrupted because he found it “too sportive”; then he studied both Italian and German longsword traditions, comparing manuscripts from the 13th to the 16th Centuries, with the help of very experienced academics such as prof. Calcagno, prof. Cavana and prof. Cavina. He developed his own system, supported from one of the most important sport scientists in Italy: the prof. Mariani.

In the last few years he studied short weapons, too: traditional Italian knife and street combat, with M° Vuovolo, gaining the access to his inner circle. Francesco also has a short experience in boxing, wrestling and MMA. He has taught workshops all around Europe. In last year he proposed and found VADI (Vnione Arti Dimicatorie Italia), one of the most important Italian HEMA Federations. He continues to promote HEMA in the most important martial arts promotion in Italy, the Kombat League, using his own brand HMMA (Historical Mixed Martial Arts). He actually works in the movie industry, as a producer, and he just produced a movie with Chris Lambert. He is still an actor, and in his free time he loves to cook, read, collect sci-fi miniatures, and develop tabletop wargames.

Books by Francesco Perciballi

Italian translation of the AHA German Longsword Study Guide (ebook):

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