Trade Returns Policy

We have a trade returns policy for any books bought with a club discount or a trade discount.

If any of the copies supplied as part of a trade order are deficient or not fit for purpose (e.g. pages not bound properly, the cover not cut correctly or misaligned, etc.), then we will raise the issue with our printers. We will need to supply the printers with photographs of the problem, along with a comprehensive description, so you must send photographs and a description of the problem to us. Once the printers accept that the mistake was at their end, you will receive the correct number of new copies to replace your damaged copies. Unless the printers request the damaged copies from us, we will probably not request the damaged copies back from you; if we do need to have damaged copies returned to us or directly to the printer, then we will bear the cost of the delivery, and will not pass along further postage costs to the trade customer.

If a trade customer who has accepted a trade discount for a bulk order does not manage to sell all their copies, we cannot accept returns of books that are in good condition. We recommend that trade distributors order only as many copies as they believe will be possible to sell within a period of time with which the trade customer will be comfortable.

In conclusion, we will act to fix any problems that are our fault or the fault of the printer. However, we expect our trade customers to exercise ethical and sustainable trading practices, and we cannot subsidise activities to the contrary.