Sponsorship Terms

While we are happy to provide books for an event, we request that the event budget pays for any postage or shipping costs. If the event cannot budget for postage costs, then we cannot sponsor the event.

While we are happy to sponsor both small and large events, we might not be able to sponsor your event if there will be very few people present. For example, if you are running a small competition, just for your local club of 6 or 8 people, then we may not be able to provide sponsorship, unless you can demonstrate how your event is helping to develop the HEMA community and move it forwards. In this situation, we might offer to provide a discount on the price of purchasing our books to use as prizes for the event, rather than providing them entirely free of charge. It is always worth getting in touch and asking us, but please be prepared to show how your event meets our aims and objectives for helping the HEMA community to develop.

You should put our name (Fallen Rook Publishing), website link (www.fallenrookpublishing.co.uk) and logo (available as a jpg image) on the event website and any social media involved with the event. Additionally, both the website link and the logo should be present on any other media about the event where sponsors are mentioned, such as, for example, posters and fliers, or any t-shirts that come with sponsor logos.

Event participants (and potential participants) must be aware of the fact that we are sponsoring the event. Therefore, the event organisers should announce our sponsorship during the course of the event, and also beforehand via email and/or social media. When sponsored books are awarded or otherwise distributed, our organisation’s name should be mentioned, so that people are aware that we are sponsoring the event.

The following piece of text may be used for press releases, announcements in person or on social media, or for describing our company on your website:

Fallen Rook Publishing is a company based in Scotland that has a strong interest in helping the international HEMA community grow and develop, supporting practitioners, instructors and events with scholarly books, facsimiles and reproductions of both historical fencing treatises and contextual history books.

We provide an opportunity for researchers and instructors to develop books, DVDs and other published teaching materials. Since there are very few traditional publishers in the western martial arts community, we intend to help generate more written material of a scholarly nature and to bring more teaching materials to the community at large. By providing editing services for authors, we hope to improve the level of quality in works that would otherwise be self-published.

Our best-selling title to date is the AHA German Longsword Study Guide by Keith Farrell and Alex Bourdas, which has become the default beginner’s guide for many longsword clubs in Europe and North America. It is also an award-winning book, with the authors winning the HEMA Scholar Award for Best Instructor for research published in this book in 2013.

Other popular titles include Scottish Broadsword and British Singlestick by Keith Farrell, Lessons on the Thrust by Reinier van Noort, and our facsimile of Charles Roworth’s The Art of Defence on Foot.

When it comes to distributing sponsored books as prizes or rewards, we want to support as many individuals within the community as we can, so we would prefer that no single medal or reward comes with more than one of our books. Therefore, if we sponsor six books for a tournament event, then that would be ideally one book for each of gold, silver and bronze medals in two separate tournaments; alternatively, if we sponsor books for a non-tournament event, perhaps for instructors teaching at the event, then we would prefer to see each instructor go home with one of our books, rather than a single instructor go home with several copies!

We may donate books for specific prizes or awards, for example as prizes for “technical excellence”, or for an individual who has contributed significant research to the HEMA community over a period of time; books will not always be solely for tournament winners.

In summary, we are happy to provide sponsorship for an event, but we do require some advertising and marketing on our behalf, to help raise our profile within the international community, and to make sure that we have return on our investment.

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