Reinier van Noort

Reinier van Noort started training Historical European Martial Arts in 2005, and has been researching and teaching rapier fencing since 2010. His focus is mainly on the single rapier as used in the Netherlands and Germany in the late 17th century, but in addition he also studies the Italian sidesword, use of the staff, and various other styles. Currently, Reinier teaches and fences with the Fekteklubben Frie Duellister in Oslo (Norway), and shares his research through his website Ense et Mente.

As part of his research, Reinier has produced over 20 translations of fencing texts, has published more than 10 books, and has co-authored several peer-reviewed articles. Examples of translations include the anonymous Vechtboek (UBL BPL 3281), Johannes Georgius Bruchius’s Scherm- ofte Wapen-konste, Johann Georg Pascha’s Kurtze iedoch Deutliche Beschribung handlend von Fechten auff den Stoß und Hieb, Philibert de la Touche’s Vrays Principes de l’Espée seule, and more.

Reinier has been awarded the Best Researcher Award at the 2014 and at the 2016 HEMA Scholar Awards.

Books by Reinier van Noort