Black Friday

Black Friday Sales

As a small and ethical business, we are not participating in the Black Friday sales this year. Instead of spending large amounts of money on stuff that is overpriced to begin with, why not spend a little money to make a small purchase from a small business that works tirelessly to support the HEMA community, producing just a few new books each year as a labour of love?

As an ethical publishing house, we believe in paying a reasonable amount of royalties to our authors. People who take great effort to write books should be rewarded for their time. As a result, our ability to offer deep discounts is greatly limited, if we want our authors to receive more than a pittance at the end of the month.

So if you feel like contributing to a good cause, and supporting both a small business and the researchers and authors who help the HEMA community to develop, please visit our online shop and buy a book or gift card today.